Our organization is a non-profit dedicated to restoring and preserving a small quaint, New England chapel in the village of Rockville, Maine located on Old Rockland Rd., off Rt. 17 nearly behind the Green Thumb.

The chapel was built in 1851 and known as the Free Will Baptist Church of Rockville, Maine.  For more than 100 years, the church was the center of activities for the village until the 1970's when it was decommissioned and renamed the Rockville Community Chapel.  It is the only public building remaining in the village of Rockville.  Community concerts, weddings, funerals, and civic group meetings are held here during the warmer months.

The belfry holds the famous Hooper bell that was cast in Boston in 1898.  It is the belfry, the leaking roof and interior repairs that the Rockville Community Chapel Association is raising funds for.

In addition to being a place for various uses mentioned above, it will be the site for the preservation of historical materials pertaining to Rockville.
Rockville Community

Chapel Association